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Week 25 – I’m half a year pregnant!

Wow, half a year already.. this pregnancy is going so fast.

Seize of the baby: around 33 cm.

Cravings: Cherries!!! They’re in the season right now and they taste sooo good. I eat a big bowl of them every day, I can’t stop myself. And milk. I drink one glass of milk almost every day.. never done that before.

Aversions: Anything fried, including french fries. I think I had a bit too much of those in my early months of the pregnancy.

Symptoms: Nothing special. Though I did need a few nappa’s this week again. Guess that means that the baby is growing and that there’s a lot going on inside that round belly of mine that uses up my energy.

What I’m looking forward to: My sister and the boxes to arrive. She’s going to stay almost 2 weeks:))) I hope the boxes will arrive when she’s here so we can unpack them together. Not sure what B is going to say when he sees how many things I bought in Amsterdam.. he still thinks a newborn doesn’t need that much. But I’m pretty sure they do.

More products for mom and baby. A gift from Cindy (owner of the Hello Alanya Magazine). Smells heavenly and I love the package. B asked where the ‘dad’ one is.. I said that his gift is a soft and delicious smelling baby and wife..pretty amazing thing to have, wouldn’t you say so?

I still can’t eat fish every week, never mind twice a week as recommended by my doctor. My friend Amber recommended to take fish oil regularly as she did during her pregnancies and it’s really important for the baby’s brain development. So I bought this non-synthetic all natural fish oil while I was in Amsterdam. Much better!

Week 24 – pregnancy products

Seize of le bebe: around 31 cm. About the size of a large mango. Amazing. Just think how small his little hands and feet are now, so cute.

Cravings & Aversions: nothing special.

Symptoms: My dizzyness is much better. It’s warming up here rapidly so I try to go for a swim regularly to prevent swollen feet and ankles.

Best moment this week: Seeing my friend Mona again after 8(!) long years. We met in Alanya when she worked in our restaurant for one season. Now she came back with her beautiful family, her husband and two adorable little sons. I loved catching up with her on life, pregnancy, family life and baby boys.

What I’m looking forward to: I can’t wait for the boxes from Amsterdam to arrive. All the baby stuff I bought is somewhere on a truck somewhere in Europe now. Fingers crossed that everything will arrive soon and in one peice.

Me and beautiful Mona

I got this cocoa butter from Palmers from Mona. She swears by it, coz she used it with both pregnancies and there is not one single stripe on her belly. Hopefully I will be that lucky once I get really big. I am going to use this cream for sure.

Another product I’m using now is this magic little Gray Hair touch-up stick. Perfect to cover up those few (ahum!) gray hairs if you don’t want to color your hair during pregnancy like me.

My sister and mother have been shopping for the little one. My sister is going to visit us soon, I can’t wait. And she’ll be bringing all these beautiful things with her. Bedding, clothes, stuffed animals, a sleeping bag and a playmat. She sent me these pictures to show me what they bought.

Sweetest surprise this week: a bouquet of red roses. From daddy-to-be to mommy-to-be ♥♥♥

Week 23 – Back from Amsterdam

I’m back from Amsterdam. I loved sitting on the plane and feeling his little kicks. It made me realize that from now on I won’t be travelling alone anymore for probably a very long time. I had such a good time there. The weather was pretty good (surprise surprise) and it was so nice catching up with my friends again. Some didn’t know yet that I was pregnant so I surprised them with my baby bump:) I bought A LOT of baby stuff, I went completely bananas when I saw all the cute clothes, blankets, shoes etc. I still had some moving boxes at a friends place that I needed to send to Alanya. So I just added a few more with the things I bought that week and luckily that solved my usual baggage allowance problem. Perfect.

Best ice coffee in town (at Kaldi, 9 Straatjes) with Tamila

Two preggers. Early in the morning at the train station with Pavla, who was 8 months pregnant at that time.

Present from Tamila, another charm for my bracelet ♥

I decided that he will need at least one really cool pair of baby shoes so I bought these from Ralph Lauren. Aren’t they insanely cute? I’m in love. I think I will keep them forever so he will have them one day when he’s all big and grown up.

Finally. Blueberries!!! My daily portion of vitamins, I ate as much as I could those days.

Biking through town with my little one.

Departure at Schiphol Airport.

Week 21 – Dreaming about blueberries

Seize of the baby: Around 27 cm.

Cravings: Blueberries!!! But I can’t find them here so I always kind of crave them. But this time extra much.

Aversions: nothing special. My coffee aversion has disappeared, I like it again. Just in time before going to Amsterdam, where I can drink some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.. but I will still be holding back a little bit. Don’t want to overdue it with the caffeine.

Symptoms: Dizzyness. I got some extra iron tablets for that from my doctor.

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my friends next week in Amsterdam, eating blueberries aaaand.. shopping at Zara Kids, H&M, Hema and Petit Bateau and checking out other cute baby boutiques. Yeaayy.

Hello dear coffee, welcome back in my life:)

Week 20 – It’s a ….















We’re having a son!!!! I’m sooo excited!
I’m going to be mommy to a little boy.. there will be cars and fire trucks and dinosaures and a million adventures coming my way. And I can’t wait:)))


I was going to bake a gender cake for the occasion and bring it over to the family to tell them the wonderful news this way. A white cake that when you cut it reveils the color of the gender, it’s either pink or blue inside. But as soon as we walked down the stairs in the hospital and towards exit, B’s dad saw us who was there for a check up himself. Of course he asked and of course B told him.. Dad called Anne (mom) immediately who told B’s brother and sister who called us to congratulate us… so much for the surprise. Things like these don’t really work here I guess. Oh well, as long as everybody is as happy as they are.. and I can always safe the idea for round two;) Both our families have one granddaughter so he is going to be the first grandson. And oh my is he going to get spoiled..

I found this really sweet poem about boys on Pinterest:

Week 20 – Half baked!!

We’re only a few days away from our next appointment with Dr. Aysegül. I’m exactly half way my pregnancy now, pretty amazing.
If we are lucky and le bebe is lying in a good position we will find out if we are going to have a little boy or girl. I CAN’T WAITTT!!!!

Here is what signs, symptoms, old wives’ tales and coffee cups have been predicting and what others have been guessing so far..

BOY – B and I are both having a feeling that we will have a boy. Not that we would prefer a boy over a girl, we both would also really want to have a girl, but somehow we both feel that we are having a baby boy first.

GIRL – My sister and some of our closest friends think we’re having a girl.

BOY – both grandmother’s think we’re having a boy. Also some other friends think so.. so far it’s pretty much 50/50 what everyone is guessing.

BOY – I feel myself drawn to all things light blue.. weird.

GIRL – If you’re face goes more round and looks more baby face like, you’re having a girl. Some said they can actually see it in my face already.

BOY – Elif’s cousin read my coffee cup (Fal) during a visit in Kusadasi and she predicted a boy.

GIRL – If you want ice cream. I do. But I can’t really tell if it’s the pregnancy or the normal me, because I just love ice cream.

BOY – If you had little to no morning sickness in the first trimester, like me. If you feel really sick you’re probably having a girl. Not sure this is true though as I know some friends of mine had it just the other way around.

GIRL – If your hair is bouncy and shiny you’re having a boy. If it looks dull and flat it’s a girl. Mine doesn’t exactly look like in Panthene commercial.. I’m having a lot of bad hair days in a row lately..

BOY – If you’re belly is pointy, looking like a basket ball, it’s a boy. If it’s growing wider it’s a girl. Mine is defenitely round and to the front.
Also, carrying low means a boy and carrying high a girl. I’m not that big yet but I’d say mine is pretty low.

BOY – Craving salt and sour things over sweet stuff. Me loving these sour eriks now and disliking chocolate might be a clear sign if this is true.

BOY – Counting numbers, according to the Chinese birth chart. If the combination of your age and the number of the month result in an even number they say it’s a boy. If it’s an odd number it’s a girl. My number is even.

Here’s a letter I wrote to my little baby boy/girl this week:

Dear baby,

We are so exited to have you. With every week and month that is passing our anticipation of you coming into our life is growing. We are going to be parents soon! And although we haven’t seen you yet (except on screen in the ultrasound room) mommy and daddy already love you so much. We have been wondering if you are a boy or girl a lot lately, it’s fun to guess and to ask others what they predict. But the truth is whether you are a little baby girl or a baby boy doesn’t really matter because we will be sooo happy either way. The most important thing of course is that you are healthy. And with all the potential dangers and risks that come with pregnancy, you being a happy and healthy baby in my belly is my biggest concern. They told me that as a mother I will never stop worrying, so I better get used to it. But at the same time I have a good feeling about it. Keeping track of my pregnancy we can see that you are growing and developping just fine and your little kicks tell me that you are getting stronger and more active every week. I’m so proud of you for doing so well.

I’ve been joking around with daddy, telling him that if you are a girl that he better be prepared of me spending a fortune on little dresses and accessories. There are sooo many cute outfits for girls that we might end up being broke after the first year. Although..when I think of it, there are adorable ways to dress little boys as well. Plus very cool toys. So there will be no way around it, mommy is going to be shopping like a champ for her first baby.

Some have been saying that it might be nice to have a boy first so that he can take care of his little sister later. But if you are a little girl and if you are anything like the women in your family, you will not need a bigger brother to look after you. You will be born with special girlpower in your blood so you and we will have nothing to worry about. Besides, you will always have your daddy as your bodyguard. Be sure that he will beat up anyone who will treat you wrong or break your heart. If you are a boy, your daddy will teach you everything there is to know about football and make you a big fan of FenerbahceYou will probably wear your first blue and yellow shirt before you learn to even kick a ball.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, I hope you will be a very happy baby. You will be growing up between cultures, traveling a lot, celebrating Bayram and Christmas, speaking at least 3 languages and spend most of your early years playing on the beach. And even if you turn out to  be totally different from what we daydream about, if you will hate football or be a pain in the bumbum on airplanes, we will love you just the way you are. Because you are OUR baby and we feel so much blessed to have you.


Week 19 – covering my baby in a bed of roses

Elif and I went to Isparta this week to visit one of world’s largest rose oil producing factories. I will soon write a full post on this very interesting place, it’s products and the people. But for now I just want to share with you all the joy of picking and smelling the roses and playing in a bed of millions of pink perfumed petals, feeling like a kid again myself. I’m sure le bebe was having a good time him/her self, hearing mommy laughing so much and playing around like that.

Seize of the baby: 22 cm. About the seize of a heirloom tomatoe, or like a handful of rose buds:)

Symptoms: happy. happy. happy.

I did feel very dizzy in the morning on the rose field. We got up at 5:45. I guess the short night sleep in combination with the strong perfume of the roses and the sunshine warming up rapidly on the field was a bit too much. But soon it passed and we had an amazing afternoon, touring the factory and playing in a kingsize bed of a million rose petals especially prepared just for us. It’s been so much fun and a great experience, we learned so much about this pricy rose oil production.

Thoughts: We are surrounded by love and perfection. Just take a look at a single rose.. the color, the shape, the smell, the texture.. it’s so totally and utterly perfect. Flower of the lovers. Symbol of eternal beauty and purity.

Another happy moment this week: getting a layered cake of diapers, with sweet little presents hidden inside, from our loyal guests at the restaurant. Bets, Herman and Adri visit us every year for three weeks and now go by the name mom and dad, as the guys like to call them. They are a part of our restaurant family.